Microsoft’s Linkedin suffered global outage last night, service now restored

Linkedin suffered a global outage last night. Microsoft Corporations’s professional networking site Linkedin showed errors for several users across the globe. Users complained that they were unable to use the service.

A few hours later, the company acknowledged and fixed the issue. The service is now back and working perfectly for everyone.

Soon after the professional networking website suffered global outage users took to Downdetector, an outage tracking website, to complain about it.

As per a report coming from Reuters, Downdetector “showed there were close to 26,000 incidents of people reporting issues with LinkedIn”. The outage tracking website suggested that the issue impacted thousands of users globally.

The company acknowledged the issue soon after users started to complain.

Earlier today, Microsoft’s LinkedIn said via an official tweet that the issue was causing certain functional requests to take longer or fail unexpectedly and that the company was working on a fix.

The company took to its official Twitter handled and posted, “Pardon the interruption everyone. We’re back on track now. Unconfirmed reports indicate it might have been Agatha all along.”

For the unaware, Linkedin helps users find a suitable job. It also lets employees hint for best-suited employees.

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