In 2018, Microsoft launched the “Your Phone” app on Windows 10 as a way to help users connect their Android devices to their PCs. Since then, the app has received support for a number of useful features. Now, according to reports, the company is testing new tools and design changes for the app. Some of them have already been deployed for Windows Insiders.

Sent from phone

One of the new additions is the “Sent from the phone” part, which will allow you to view all the links, images, and shared notes from your phone in a more convenient location. The feature has already started to be implemented for some people with the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview version.

To share images, links, and notes quickly from the phone to a Windows 10 PC. Users must tap the share button and select the “Your Phone companion app” option in the Share menu. Shared files will appear in this tab once the transfer is complete. However, the feature is not yet fully functional.

New contact tab

Microsoft is also adding a new Contacts section to the application. The first time this feature appeared in the app was in February, but it has only started to reach a few users now. This tab will allow you to browse all contacts on your Android device when the app is connected.

When selecting a contact, the app will show the associated phone number and email address, along with business and home addresses. The app also allows you to send a text message quickly or call the chosen contact. The feature began to appear for some users with version 1.20091.79.0 of the app.

New design

In addition to the features mentioned above, Microsoft is also working on some changes to your application design. These changes are expected to reach users in the coming weeks and give a new look to the “Settings” and “My devices” menus.

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