Mother stabbed for barring daughter from eloping with ‘Facebook boyfriend’

In what comes as shocking news, a 19-year-old girl from Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu allegedly stabbed her mother to death, after being barred from eloping with her Facebook lover, ANI reports.

The incident took place when the teenager’s mother saw her leaving with packed bags. The mother then tried to bar her daughter from eloping. The accused, identified as Devipriya, is a college-going girl, who had fallen in love with her Facebook friend, named Vivek. The boy, who apparently works at a garment shop, was set to take her to his hometown as per girl’s desire.

The report suggests that the girl was trying to elope with two friends, identified as Satish and Vignesh, of her lover as the boy couldn’t come to pick her up. After which, when the girl’s mother saw and confronted her, the accused furiously took a knife and stabbed her mother to death, the police said.

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However, before they planned to escape, several neighbors on hearing something fishy inside the house, informed the police. The villagers also managed to nab the assailants. The three were then handed over to the police, and a case was registered against them under relevant sections of the law.

Additionally, the police reported that Priya and Vivek first met on the popular social media network – Facebook, and subsequently developed strong feelings for each other. The duo had not even met in person yet. Furthermore, NewsX reported that the boy lied about his profession to the girl that he was an IT professional.

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