Mobile phone pioneering company Motorola seems intent on not being left behind in the race to introduce foldable smartphones. Like Samsung and Huawei, Motorola VP of Global Product Dan Dery in an interview with Engadget has confirmed that the company is indeed working on a foldable smartphone. We had previously seen leaks of design specs of a foldable smartphone patent from Motorola which looked distinctly like the Moto Razr. Though Dan didn’t quite confirm if the company is looking at that particular design style, he has confirmed that Motorola plans to arrive at the party at the same time as the others.

This means that Motorola is probably planning for a summer release of its foldable smartphone as Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are set to launch in some months time. “We started to work on foldables a long time ago,” Dery said. “And we have been doing a lot of iteration.” When asked about the design elements of the phone, Dan expressed that even though Samsung and Huawei’s approach with a screen on the outside is “the nicest and the purest” way to go, this tends to make the phone fragile and Motorola plans to do it differently.

The design specs seen of the Moto Razr like phone is definitely different from the foldable approach the companies have shown so far. He has even added that Motorola has been testing a plastic foldable device with a plastic film on top, but that has made it very much scratch prone. Hence the display cannot be put on the outside.

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He happened to mention that Motorola is not in the business of making tablets which falls to Lenovo, the parent company. This means we can discount the possibility of seeing a side opening phone that would transform into a tablet. There is also the possibility of Motorola introducing a dual-hinge smartphone, but all will be revealed in time.

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