Have you ever wondered why the Poco F1 was so popular among consumers? Despite a shoddy build quality and a sub-par display, the phone was highly sought after for its Snapdragon 845 chip, which in turn ensured you get the top-levels of performance in an otherwise strictly mid-range phone. Over the years, this category saw some good phones using older flagship chips, such as the Realme X3. Some even started selling older models at such prices to stay put in the segment. Nobody, however, came up with a new phone.

Motorola now seems to re-enact history with the Edge S. After all, this is a new phone with a new chip that commands an unusually low price. Get this – a Snapdragon 870-powered smartphone with full 5G connectivity starting at prices equivalent to Rs 23,000! As smartphone enthusiasts, this is something unheard of in this segment. Technically, it is still not a logical successor to the Poco F1 but given the current market scenario, we can’t seem to point at a better deal. Allow me to explain.

Motorola Edge S follows the footsteps of the Poco F2

Let’s get some of our facts straight. The Edge S is using a Snapdragon 870 chipset, which despite being new, isn’t the best chip Qualcomm makes. Bring up the magnifying glass and you will see a tweaked Snapdragon 865 chipset with the only exception of an overclocked performance core with a 3.2GHz clock speed. In theory, this is inferior to the Snapdragon 888 chip that we will be seeing in Xiaomi and OnePlus flagships this year.

However, there’s nothing in the world of Android that can bog down the Snapdragon 865 yet. Hence, overclocking the Snapdragon 865 is sort of an overkill (we aren’t talking about the Snapdragon 888’s performance leads). The Edge S will surely be more than enough for mobile gamers as well as multitasking applications with its boosted Snapdragon 870.

Motorola Edge S

Image: Motorola Edge S

Unlike the Poco F1 or other Realme devices, the Motorola Edge S will use a near-stock Android interface. Anyone with even the tiniest of interest in smartphones knows that a stock Android interface is lighter on the system resources and hence, will offer efficient performance. We have already seen Motorola’s decent levels of optimization with the Moto G 5G a couple of months ago.

In all the other areas, the Motorola Edge S is basically a compromise. You are only getting a 90Hz refresh rate display using an IPS LCD panel, which isn’t superior to an AMOLED display in terms of color reproduction as well as brightness. The 5000mAh battery guarantees long stamina but with a paltry 20W charging system, you are going to have to wait at the sockets for long. Additionally, the plastic body on the Edge S isn’t going to be a luxury exactly.

That said, the Poco F1 picked up attention despite similar compromises and we don’t think the Edge S will have issues, given the additional benefits of its cleaner and ad-free stock Android interface. After all, with a flagship killer device, you know what you are getting into. Those seeking a premium experience have no other option other than the phones that qualify as flagships.

Motorola Edge S prices and availability

The Edge S is currently selling in China only and comes in three storage variants. The base model comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, costing CNY 1,999 (approximately Rs 22,500). For CNY 2,399 (approx. Rs 27,000), you can get 8GB RAM while keeping the 128GB storage intact. The top-end variant with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage comes at a price of CNY 2,799 (approx. Rs 31,500).

Motorola is yet to comment on the availability of the Edge S in global markets, including India. Given the past launches, it seems that Motorola could be launching the Edge S on our shores just when OnePlus prepares to launch its OnePlus 9 series this year. Rumors suggest there’s a cheaper OnePlus 9E coming this year, possibly with the Snapdragon 870 chip.

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