Repair company iFixit has posted its detailed teardown of one of the most anticipated foldable smartphones; the Motorola Razr. This teardown comes days after the company started sending it out to the reviewers and pre-orders in the United States. The company initially revealed the smartphone back in November 2019. As part of the teardown, the company posted X-ray shots for the internals of the smartphone. Similar to any other iFixit teardown in the past, the post features high-quality teardown images along with a step-by-step disassemble. In addition, iFixit did note that Motorola Razr is one of the most complex smartphones that it has taken apart.

Motorola Razr teardown details

Taking a closer look, we get to know that tearing down the Motorola Razr is a complicated process. The teardown team was impressed with “the numerous feats of engineering that Moto pulled off” to bring back the Razr. In addition, it also looks like the smartphone is impossible to repair or service. iFixit believes that making Razr seems difficult enough that serviceability and repair may not have made it. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Razr scores a mere 1 on the sale of repairability. The company did hope that smartphone makers will hopefully figure out bringing repair and durability to upcoming foldable smartphones.

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It did note that users will only need the standard T3 Torx screwdriver to open the smartphone. Determined and somewhat experienced users can also replace the primary display of the smartphone. In addition, Motorola has added enough glue on the outer covers.

If you are looking to replace one or both of the two batteries in the device then you need to nearly completely disassemble the smartphone. Another thing to note here is that the charging port is soldered to the main motherboard. The device also features complex construction along with several flex cables throughout the Motorola Razr. All this makes repair even more difficult.

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