Motorola to launch its new Moto Watch series soon: Here are more details

Motorola is soon expected to re-enter the wearable space by launching two new smartwatches soon. The company is expected to unveil three new wearables, allegedly called the Moto Watch, the Moto Watch One, and the Moto G Watch, for we have started seeing rumours and leaks.

The recent one that has surfaced gives us a hint on how these Motorola watches could look like and when they are slated to arrive. Read on to know more about this.

Motorola smartwatches to arrive soon

As per a Twitter user Felipe Berhua, who has got hold of a sales presentation coming from Motorola’s brand licensee (eButNow), the company could soon launch a Moto Watch and a possible version of the Moto 360 (purportedly called the Moto Watch One).

This is expected to be in addition to a third Motorola smartwatch, most likely called the Moto G Watch.

The tweet gives us an idea as to how the smartwatches may look like. The Moto Watch could get a square dial to look a lot like the Apple Watch, a wearable that has become a source of design inspiration for many. The Moto Watch One could have a round dial.

As for the Moto G Watch, it also expected to come with a round dial but with a metallic finish. The other two models, by the looks of it, seem to have silicon straps. Given the ‘G’ in the name, it could be targetted at people looking for budget wearables.

Further, it is revealed that smartwatches could arrive this year itself. While the Moto Watch and the Moto Watch One could launch in July, the Moto G Watch might get introduced in June. The Motorola wearables are also expected to be made by Flipkart, much like the company’s smart TVs are produced. Hence, we know the smartwatches are expected to arrive in India soon, that too, via Flipkart.

However, we lack details on what features and specifications the device could get. Although, we can expect the basic functionalities such as a heart rate sensor, activity tracker, and more to be added.

The Motorola smartwatches will act as the company’s next step in the smartwatch segment, after the Moto 360 that was introduced back in 2015. Although we lack details, the smartwatches are likely to fall in the budget segment to compete with the likes of the Xiaomi Mi Revolve, the Realme Watch versions, and the Oppo Watch.

Let’s see how they turn out to be. We will keep you posted on this. So, stay tuned for more details.

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