Mozilla recently launched a new updated version for its popular Firefox web browser. Firefox 76 has been updated for Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. The new update comes with a handful of developer features along with other changes. These include a lockwise password functionality and even improvements for the Zoom video conferencing client.

If you want to update to the latest version, you can grab the setup file from However, if you are already a user you can simply update to Firefox 76. Mozilla mentions that the browser has about 250 million active users, making the web browser a pretty big platform for web developers to work on.

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Further, as the world slips deeper into another month of the Coronavirus pandemic, more people are working from home than ever before. These include people who now use their computers and web browsers for entire shifts and work hours on a daily basis. The Firefox 76 will prove handy to such people, now that it features better integration for Zoom. The video conferencing service is reportedly used by about 200 million people every day. These include work-related meetings, online classrooms, and social affairs.

Firefox update cycle beats Chrome, Edge

Earlier this year, the update cycles for other browsers had already taken hits due to the pandemic’s problems. Google had to delay Chrome 81 and skip Chrome 82 entirely. Even the next update, Chrome 83, has been moved up a few weeks. Microsoft also revamped its edge browser by implementing Chromium’s engine. As a result of the update cycle for Edge too took a hit.

Mozilla, however, made it clear that while “some of our competitors have had to slow down or stop work,” the company will continue to stick to its 2020 release schedule for new updates. In fact, Mozilla made its updates faster this year. While a new Firefox update usually came in six-eight weeks, the cycle now brings in a new update every four weeks.

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