Mozilla Firefox has announced that will end support for the Amazon Echo Fire TV and the Echo Show devices from 30th April.

Users who are currently using Echo Show devices are receiving notifications regarding the same.
As per the company, users in the Amazon ecosystem will no longer be able to install Firefox on the Fire TV and will not receive any security updates for the same. They will also not be able to reinstall the app if they uninstall it.


“If you have Firefox set as your default browser on Echo Show, you will be redirected to Amazon Silk for web browsing starting April 30, 2021,” the company said in an update.

As per the web browsing platform, the app will also be delisted from the Amazon Appstore.
Amazon via the update has said that you will still be able to browse the internet via the Silk browser available on Amazon devices like the Echo Show and Fire TV Stick. All users have to say is “Alexa, open Silk”.

Mozilla had released support for the Amazon Fire TV after Google the e-commerce giant had a tiff with Google and YouTube was pulled down from all of Amazon devices. In order to play YouTube videos on the Amazon Echo Show, users needed the Mozilla web browser. During that time, some of Amazon’s services were also not available on Google.

Mozilla first brought Firefox to Fire TV devices in December 2017. In July 2019, however, Google brought the YouTube app back to the Fire TV, giving users one less reason to use Firefox. Echo Show devices are still missing the YouTube app that means that users will still have to watch YouTube content via the Silk browser post the update on 30 April.

The Firefox browser first came to Echo Show devices alongside Amazon’s Silk browser with the introduction of Echo Show 10 in September 2018.

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