Mozilla has just announced that it is going to improve its in-house Thunderbird desktop email client. The organization announced the plans to fix some of the most essential long-standing issues with the email client including performance, better compatibility with Google’s Gmail, and improved user interface. All these things are scheduled to take place in 2019. In addition to this, the company also added that it is looking at adding modern technologies to the email client to improve the software. Mozilla confirmed that all this is possible because of the expansion of the Thunderbird team from eight to fourteen people.

Ryan Sipes, the community manager for Thunderbird shared all these plans in a blog post while diving into a few more details. He wrote, “We will be looking into leveraging new, faster technologies in rewriting parts of Thunderbird as well as working toward a multi-process Thunderbird.” The new staff will be focused on fixing the slow UI and performance in the email client. Other changes include improving the notifications in the program along with the ability to better encrypt communications. The team has even hired a dedicated engineer who will look at the security and privacy of Thunderbird.

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The blog post also mentioned improvements in the email filters, adapting the features of popular add-ons in the app and improvements in the calendar. This blog post was initially spotted by TechCrunch. Sipes also noted that some of the features will not be ready in time to launch alongside the next major released of Thunderbird but assured that all things are planned to take place this year.

The company added that it will continue to update users regularly with the latest improvements as they continue to build the email client. This is a welcome change for users who are still using third-party email clients on their desktop devices and laptops. Especially for Thunderbird users who have continued to use the email client despite all the issues.

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