Smartphone gaming has become one of the most significant sources of entertainment in the world right now. It won’t be too wrong to say that smartphone gaming is booming right now. Though most people own smartphones these days, most smartphones are not capable of handling the top tier games at their best. That being said, many people prefer mouse and keyboard and a PC as their gaming medium. To address this gaming hardware and PC maker MSI has collaborated with Bluestacks to announce a new Android emulator. The new Android emulator called MSI App Player is a re-envisioned version of the Bluestacks emulator.

The MSI App Player does not use new technology, and builds upon the existing Bluestacks emulator code that was there. It can be termed a rebranded version of the BlueStacks software. MSI claims that the two companies developed the app together to take advantage of MSI’s hardware. To clarify things, there are a few Android emulators out there for Android applications. But the Bluestacks emulator has been specially designed for playing games.

MSI App Player features

The new MSI App Player launched will apparently allow players to play games at 240FPS. But there needs to be a game out there that can support 240FPS to test this feature. This mainly becomes a bragging point for the company. And this may also be a point MSI is trying to prove with its 240FPS displays. MSI has both laptops and monitors that can take advantage of the 240FPS limit of the application.

As long as the need to Android gamers go, this is a new app that they can use to play their favorite games. Android gamers can even run two different instances of the same game at the same time with this app and their smartphone. Although gamers will need different accounts to run different instances of the same game at the same time. MSI laptops also offer per-key RGB lighting effects for the popular Android games on MSI App Player.

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MSI has not mentioned if the MSI App Player is exclusive to its own devices. Those that want to use the app can download the Bluestacks app from the internet.

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