Reliance Jio, apart from being an arguably popular telecom operator, has provided us with a plethora of services. To name a few, there’s JioFiber, JioSaavn Music, and the MyJio app that allows us to access tons of these services and other additional content. While the primary aim of the MyJio is to make things easier for Jio users, it’s trying to do the opposite.

It is suggested that the MyJio app is showing full-screen advertisements, hindering the user experience and violating Google Play Store’s policies. Read on to know more about it.

MyJio app showing annoying ads

As per a report by XDA Developers, the MyJio app on Android is displaying full-screen adverts abruptly to the users’ home screens. This practice is in violation of the Google Play Store policies that refrain ads from hindering with apps, third-party ads, and more.

Google, in its ads policies, says, “We don’t allow apps that contain deceptive or disruptive ads. Ads must only be displayed within the app serving them. We consider ads served in your app as part of your app. The ads shown in your app must be compliant with all our policies.”

myjio app ads

Image: XDA Developers

It is suggested that the folks at XDA Developers could see full-screen MyJio app ads appearing on their Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. It was the only Jio app on the device, hence, it becomes evident that the ads popped up from the MyJio app.

The full-screen adverts appeared even when the app wasn’t in the foreground for many days. If the ads are clicked, a pre-generated WhatsApp message appears asking people to message the number provided.

While it is assumed that the ads appear in situations when the flight mode is enabled/disabled or if the device is plugged/unplugged from a charge point, there’s no confirmation as to what triggers the ads.

What to do?

Upon further digging, the report also reveals that the MyJio app incorporates the MADME SDK suggesting that Jio uses MadMe’s services to interrupt users’ full-screen ads on their home screen.

If you are one of the Jio users who have been facing the issue, you can take to some solutions for this. You can either delete the app if you don’t use it much or can block all the app permissions. You can further root the device to disable this.

We hope that Jio acknowledges the pretty soon and stops the practice for people to get a better user experience.

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