NASA has responded to fans about rescuing the marooned Tony Stark from the Avengers: Endgame

Marvel fans have been waiting a long while for the trailer of the upcoming Avengers movie and when it did hit the video streaming services online, Avengers: Endgame trailer showed Iron Man a.k.a Tony Stark who is played by Robert Downey Jr. stranded in space. In the last movie saw Tony Stark fight with Thanos on Titan and was abandoned there. The present movie apparently follows that up and now he seems to be stranded in space nearing death as he records a heartbreaking message for his fiancee and long time romantic interest Pepper Potts played by Gwyneth Paltrow.

This became a cue for the fans all over who felt that NASA should do something about rescuing Iron Man from what is essentially their domain. NASA received a hoard of tweets from fans who urged them to do something to rescue the stranded Avenger from space. And now NASA has finally replied back in a tongue-in-cheek manner. The tweet from NASA reads, “Hey @Marvel, we heard about Tony Stark. As we know, the first thing you should do is listen in mission control for “@Avengers, we have a problem.” But if he can’t communicate, then we recommend ground teams use all resources to scan the skies for your missing man.”

NASA played on the trademark term, “Houston, we have a problem” and turned it to “Avengers, we have a problem”.

NASA does go on to mention that the situation that Tony Stark is in in pretty dire, and there is little the Marvel Avengers ground team can do for him.

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