Need for Speed is one of the most popular racing game series there is, if not the most popular. Its developer Electronic Arts has been very consistent in producing new titles of the game frequently. But the recent games from the series have not lived up to the popularity of the previous ones. The Need for Speed series reached popularity with its second and the third game, but it wasn’t until the Need for Speed: Most Wanted that the series really broke the high ground. NFS: Most Wanted was one of the most popular racing games period. It was followed by some capable titles like Need for Speed: Carbon.

But later games like the Need for Speed: Shift and Need for Speed: Run failed to live up to the hype. Its predecessors took the cake when it came to functional and popular games. Presently, it is the Forza series of games that have taken over from NFS in popularity. But now, according to the latest news, Need for Speed series is coming up. Apparently we will be getting a whole new NFS game in 2019.

According to leaks by the German website, Gameware, Electronic Arts is all set to release a new NFS game soon. If the listing on the website is to be believed, the game will be called Need for Speed Heat. It has been priced at 67.99 Euros which seems rather high for a racing game. It will apparently be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X at start. There is no indication of when it might come to PC, or if it ever will.

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The developers on its part has not made any announcement yet. But interested customers can pre-order the game by adding it to their cart on the website. The possibility of this being fake is rather low. This is considering that the website is a legitimate one and developers often tie up for early reveals. But this is definitely not something that EA could have planned. The thumbnail on the website matches one of Need for Speed: No Limits online. But that could just be placeholder since no official image is available.

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