Netflix 4K will not work on Apple Mac models launched before 2018

Netflix 4K streaming will work on limited versions of Macs. The UHD resolution version of the streaming platform will be available in the coming weeks. But if you want Netflix content in 4K you need to have a MacBook, iMac, or Mac Pro launched in 2018 or after. This is because the models launched before 2018 will not be able to stream 4K content on Netflix.

These details are given by Netflix on its support page over here. The company also points out that Macs need to be upgraded to the latest macOS Big Sur version. You also need to have the latest version of the Safari browser running on the machine. The company also confirmed that 4K streaming will only work on Apple’s default browser.

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According to the streaming giant, the reason for limited compatibility is the availability of the Apple T2 security chip. Reports suggest the T2 chip is likely to improve video processing for 4K content. If you are not sure about your Macbook, Mac Pro, or iMac model, head over to system information to check if it has a T2 chip or not. In addition to the hardware, the streaming giant also recommends having an internet speed of 25Mbps or more to stream 4K content. And finally, you need to sign up for the premium UHD plan to avail 4K content.

Netflix finally comes to Amazon Echo Show devices

Netflix will finally be compatible with Amazon Echo Show devices. Yes, that’s right. After all this time, Amazon and Netflix have decided it’s time for a broader relation. Amazon will be bringing Netflix to Echo Show later this year. The first Amazon Echo Show with a display launched in 2017. And it’s possible Amazon realized not having such a popular streaming app on its platform was a deal-breaker for many. So, there you have it. Netflix is finally on board.

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