Netflix has a new feature for all of us, making it enter the podcast arena in a way. The popular video-streaming service has started testing a new audio-only playback mode, which will allow users to listen to only the audio.

Netflix audio-only mode available for some users

The new Netflix audio-only mode is currently available for a few Android users as part of the server-side rollout (version 7.84.1), as per a report by Android Police. As per the screenshots available, the full-screen video player now has a new ‘Video-Off’ button at the top. Once the option is enabled, the video will disappear enabling the audio-only mode.

This will result in a black screen with all the playback controls that are generally available. The controls also include the brightness slider, which is weird as it won’t be needed now.

Netflix audio only mode

Source: Android Police

The new audio-only playback mode also comes with the settings of its own. The Settings menu will display a new ‘Audio-Only’ option, which will allow users to choose from options like ‘Always On,’ ‘Headphones or External Speakers,’ and ‘Off.’ This way, users will be able to decide as to how they want to go about the ‘audio-only’ Netflix stream-fest.

Netflix audio only mode

Source: Android Police

For those who don’t know, the feature was previously spotted in a teardown by folks at XDA Developers back in October. However, it wasn’t operational at that moment.

The new audio-only mode will make Netflix’s entry into the Podcast segment, leading to the introduction of a new Podcast category on the OTT platform. While the mode might not feel apt for all content currently available on the platform, it might suit for some when you don’t want to see but listen.

There is no word on when the feature will roll out to other users, including iOS or even web.

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