Netflix has added a new feature to its pool, called Fast Laughs and it is nothing but yet another TikTok clone. The new Netflix feature displays funny and short video clips in a vertical format for users to get a glimpse of the content and finally watch.

With the new feature, Netflix has officially jumped onto the ‘TikTok alternatives’ bandwagon. Here’s a look at what all the new Fast Laughs feature is all about.

Netflix’s Fast Laughs for the short comedy

The new Fast Laughs feature will pick up short clips from a comedic movie, show, or stand-up specials and display them in a vertical format, much like it is done on TikTok.

There will now a dedicated ‘Fast Laughs’ section (currently in Netflix for iOS), which strikes a similarity to that of TikTok. The short videos will come with multiple options. There will be an option to react ‘LOL,’ an option to add the content to ‘My List’, share it with people on other social media platforms, and the option to play it.

It is suggested that Fast Laughs will run in a vertical format and show the short videos one after another, much like how the whole short video concept works on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and more such platforms.

netflix fast laughs

Image: Netflix

The idea behind this is to provide people with another way of exploring content on Netflix. By watching funny short videos on the OTT platform, people can get an idea as to what a particular show or movie is all about and possibly decide to watch it. This can also persuade them to rewatch a particular show or movie.

Fast Laughs is just an extension of how trailers appear on Netflix, except, they are short, mostly funny, and keep up with the trend.

Netflix has currently introduced Fast Laughs for select iOS users in select countries. We couldn’t find the feature on the iOS app at the time of writing. Hence, we can safely say that it will reach everyone eventually.

It is also expected to be available for Android users soon, possibly once it has entirely reached the iOS audience.

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