Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Zee5 have benefitted from the pandemic scenario that has, unfortunately, confined most of the world’s population in their homes. As per new data from content aggregation service JustWatch, streaming services have seen a surge in the number of users all across the world.

In India, the major streaming services have seen a large increase in interest on the JustWatch platform. Of all the various streaming apps, Zee5 has seen the biggest growth with an increase of 259 percent between March 24 and April 24. At the same time, popular streaming service Netflix saw a growth of 204 percent. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video saw a rise of 189 percent and AltBalaji saw a growth of 174 percent. Reliance Jio’s JioCinema saw a 161 percent growth and Disney+ Hotstar saw a 149 percent growth.

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Note that the data shared is specifically for JustWatch. That being said, it is likely that the use of streaming services has increased in a similar fashion elsewhere too. With weeks of lockdown having passed and an indefinite timeline ahead, streaming services are the quickest form of on-demand entertainment for most people. Moreover, as social distancing norms get stricter, the production and release of movies and Television shows have come to a standstill, making streaming services great alternatives.

Netflix accounts for 21 percent searches

While Zee5 got the biggest surge in traffic, Netflix continued to be the most overall searched platform based on consumer interest on Justwatch. As per the report by the content aggregation service, Netflix had 21 percent of the total searches. Meanwhile, Disney+ Hotstar, combining the content of Disney+ and the India-relevant content of Hotstar, accounted for 18 percent. This was followed by Amazon Prime Video with 16 percent.

Meanwhile, Netflix reported about a month ago that it observed a global subscriber growth of 15.8 million. This brought the total number of Netflix’s subscribers to 182 million. The figure was over twice the expected 7.2 million that Netflix had in mind. This is already a 22 percent year-on-year growth for the company. This also added to the company seeing a quarterly revenue of $5.77 billion versus the expected $5.76 billion.

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