Apple’s new iOS 13 may be one of the best upgrades for the iPhones and iPads, but it seems to be creating trouble for Fortnite and PUBG Mobile gamers. The new three-finger touch feature for iOS 13 that is a text-editing gesture brings up options like undo, copy, and paste. This feature is apparently being activated when players try to play PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. These games often require players to use two fingers to point and move while a third finger does the shooting. This is usually achieved in the claw grip, and it now bringing up the text-editing gestures.

Both Fortnite and PUBG Mobile devs have acknowledged this issue and is apparently working with Apple for a fix. Right now there is no solution to this problem apart from not upgrading to iOS 13. There is no way to disable this feature as well for now. PUBG Mobile’s official tweet about the situation reads, “Attention iOS players: iOS version 13 includes a new feature where touching the screen with 3 fingers simultaneously activates a new function. We are working with Apple on this issue, and encourage iOS users to consider how this may impact them before choosing to Update.”

iOS 13, iPadOS features

iOS 13 comes with under the hood improvements to make your iPhone faster and perform more efficiently. It also includes a bunch of new features such as improved Apple Maps, new privacy features. There is alos system-wide dark mode support. iPadOS, on the other hand, comes with an updated Home screen, new multitasking options and improved Apple Pencil functionality. It also comes with support for external drives meaning you can attach thumb drives, and more. You also get new folder sharing in Files, and much more.

The Apple iOS 13 update released on September 19, and users can download the latest mobile operating system update globally. Not just that, Apple will release a follow up update, the iOS 13.1, on September 30.

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