Popular battle royale game Fortnite has been one of the most consistent games in terms of performance. But now it seems that the game from Epic Games is at the other end of things and is facing more problems with the recent new year eve problem and most recently yesterday. It seems Fortnite players on Xbox faced difficulty logging in yesterday, and even the company acknowledged the problem.

Fortnite tweeted, “We understand that users are seeing an error when attempting to log into their accounts from Xbox One consoles. Our teams are looking into this issue to get this resolved. Please refer to our status page for updates on this issue.” This marks a second instance within a short span of time when Fortnite servers faced problems.

Besides this another issue that was tweeted by Fortnite that the wrong date was communicated for the 14 Days of Fortnite event on the social channels and the devs will be rewarding players for the fault. The tweet read, “We apologize for communicating the wrong end date for 14 Days of Fortnite on social channels. To make up for this, players that completed at least one 14 Days Event Challenge will be granted the Equalizer Glider. Eligible players will begin receiving theirs in the near future.”

Recently, Fortnite players faced an outage during the holidays and it can be called one of the bigger issues that Epic Games has faced with the game and players were definitely not happy about it. Epic Games had to update the status of the servers as “Partial outage” on its own game status website. It was classified as a partial outage because all players didn’t face the issue and only some did.

Among the features that were not accessible are just the matchmaking and logging in. The rest of the features including voice chat, parties, friends, messaging, the store, and leaderboards are said to have been unaffected. The matchmaking and logging in were classified as “degraded performance”. Some players had to try logging in repeatedly and even when they did login, they had to repeat the process to find games as the matchmaking faced issues. Players even faced time out errors when looking for matches. Many players were not even able to get past the login screen even after trying multiple times.

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