The devs released a new PUBG update which introduced some small changes in the early hours today. But players started experiencing crashes soon after updating their games today. The PUBG devs were quick enough to react to the situation. And withing hours they managed to realize the situation and released a hotfix for the problem. The initial update was to address the problem with the new blood effect which was apparently causing issues. This blood effect has been rolled back and the old effect is now back.

There are other gameplay bug fixes in this PUBG update as well, as well as some performance fixes. But with the new update came the problem of crashes which luckily the devs fixed within hours. You can have a look at the initial patch notes here.

With season 6 nearing its end, the devs are now teasing a new Season 7 update. A new teaser from the devs is preparing us for a reworked Vikendi map. PUBG had previously in a video showed us what a reowrked Vikendi could look like. The earlier video was tweeted in the first week of March. The new video teases the reworked Dino Land and even the arrival of trains. Other battle royales like Apex Legends have already introduced trains to great effect. The video is titled ‘Seven’ which indicates that Season 6 is coming to an end soon and Season 7 is set to arrive.

The devs while introducing Karakin to the game back in early February mentioned that maps will now be rotated in the list. Vikendi was the first to be rotated out for rework. The previous tweet is accompanied by a video that teases some of the new features coming to the Vikendi map. The first of these is a reworked Dino Park which is now called Dinoland. It is much bigger than before and extensively designed. It seems like there are large bones on display which makes for interesting view.

The map itself has much less snow than before and seems like a thawed out map. Besides these there’s a train that will be going around which adds a dynamic element to the game. The new map will be available for 72 hours and PUBG partners will be running Vikendi custom matches on the Test Server from 7am UTC, March 6 according to the tweet.

To recall, Vikendi map is a 6×6 snow-themed map, which is essentially an isolated Northern resort island in the shadow of Mount Kreznic. Vikendi is also home to a wide variety of attractions, businesses, and villages. It has a spacecraft launch site called Cosmodrome, and a prehistoric themed redesigned Dinoland, besides an ageing Castle as well as a winery. The map has fresh snow which will leave behind footprints. There is also a night mode available with Northern Lights highlighting the sky.

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