Rockstar Games has people by the tenterhooks when it comes to the release of GTA 6. The gaming company launched the immensely popular GTA V back in in 2013. And people are waiting with bated breath for any announcement from the company regarding a successor. This week Rockstar Games announced rewards for Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online, and in the press release at the end was a small bit of information. And it is this information that seems to have people hyped.

“There is still much more to come in 2020. Next up for GTA Online is the addition of an open wheel racing series featuring all new vehicle types – with tense, high speed, track-based racing where tight cornering, tactical tire choices and perfectly timed pit stops make every second count. Plus, expect more big updates and a few surprises as we move forward into the year.”

This piece of information seems to indicate that there are some big updates on the way, along with a few surprises. This could just mean that these updates are related to GTA Online, which it probably is. But it is the surprises bit that people are excited about and expect it to be about Rockstar announcing GTA 6. Though it might seem like a possibility, we assess it is low. Hence we would not suggest anyone to keep their hopes really high.

Recently, an ex-Rockstar employee by the name of Darion Lowenstein seems to have something to say on the release of GTA 6. According to a Daily Star report, equity research firm Jeffries spoke to Lowenstein who said that game is definitely in the works. But the not so happy news is that it is not due anytime soon. From what he had to say, we should not expect the game anytime before later 2021.

“As a former Rockstar employee, Darion noted that the Houser brothers place all their emphasis on game quality rather than hitting a deadline,” said a Jeffries press release. “His absolute best-case-scenario for a game release is Holiday 2021, though he does not expect an announcement / trailer anytime soon.”

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