Tata Sky has announced new Lite packs in regional languages. There are a total of four new Tata Sky regional packs, which includes Telugu Lite, Tamil Lite, Kannada Lite, and Bengali Lite. To begin with, the Telugu Lite pack will cost you Rs 46. But, the total cost of the pack is Rs 199 inclusive of NCF, pack charge, and taxes. With this pack, subscribers will get 17 channels. The same is also applied to other Lite packs.

The other Tamil Lite, Kannada Lite and Bengali Lite packs are also priced at Rs 46, but the total cost will be Rs 199 each. Additionally, with Tamil Lite, the DTH provider is offering customers ten channels. The Kannada Lite pack bundles 21 channels, while the Bengali Lite pack comes with eight channels, TelecomTalk reports.

Last month, Tata Sky unveiled new smart channel packs in different regional languages. The packs included a Hindi smart plan for Rs 249, Punjabi smart plan is available for Rs 249, Gujarati smart plan will cost you Rs 249, Bengali smart plan for Rs 220, Odia smart plan for Rs 211, Marathi smart plan is priced at Rs 206 and Telugu Smart plan can be purchased for Rs 249, Tamil smart plan is available for Rs 249, Kannada smart plan can be obtained for Rs 249 and the Malayalam smart plan cost Rs 249.

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Besides, the company also launched a few mini packs, which allowed a subscriber to add select channels from different genres without spending much from their pocket. The category reportedly includes a total of 27 packs dedicated to lifestyle channels, cricket channels, music channels, movies channels and more. Besides, Tata Sky is also offering subscribers channel packs curated from a single broadcaster, which includes Sony, Zee, Disney, NDTV, Discovery and more.

Separately, Tata Sky’s rival Dish TV on April 8 removed the 30-day lock-in period for pay channels and select channel bouquets. Earlier, once the Dish TV subscribers opted for particular channels and paid for them, they weren’t able to change it for 30 days. Now that the telecom company has waived off this 30-day lock-in period, customers will now be able to change or select new channels whenever they desire.

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