WhatsApp is bringing some updates to the iPhone version of its messenger app in the days to come. The current beta for WhatsApp has started showing two notable interface changes in the iOS version. One of them is related to WhatsApp Web while the other one is all about the device storage UI. If you enrolled for the beta version via TestFlight, you will be able to see the changes in your WhatsApp app.

New Link Devices UI

The updates basically change the interface within the settings of the app. One of the changes comes to the WhatsApp Web section. The interface within the app now shows a listed view linked devices connected via WhatsApp Web/Desktop. There’s a new Link Device button that will possibly open the QR code scanner to scan the code on the PC. Below the button, you can see a list of all the connected devices, all of which you can unlike easily.

WhatsApp gets new storage UI

The latest beta update to WhatsApp also brings a refreshed UI for the storage section. According to screenshots obtained by WABetaInfo, the app now gives priority to Manage Storage and makes the options more self-explainable in the caption. Under “Manage Storage,” there’s a new bar that shows how much device storage is taken up by WhatsApp media.

The new UI lets you delete the media from chats easily. There’s also a search option to look for the chats if they don’t show up. That said, it is no longer possible to delete specific media from a chat.

The changes to app are currently in beta testing and once the stability is verified, the update will roll out to iOS users soon. The features will be helpful to those who frequently rely on WhatsApp Web and need to manage the device storage.

Yesterday, WhatsApp took to social media to announce a new feature for both Android and iOS devices. Users will now see the option to mute group chat notifications for “Always” instead of the 1-year option. This option is accompanied by the options to mute group chats for 8 hours and 1 week. Prior to this, a universal search feature arrived on the app, letting users look for media, GIFs, documents, files, texts, and more from the homescreen search bar.

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