Whether you use iOS or Android, there’s no dearth of email apps out there. There are numerous options to choose from, and even free ones (e.g. Google’s Gmail, Microsoft’s Outlook) offer a ton of features for both beginner and advanced users. However, paid email apps are still a thing, and one of them is Newton. Initially developed by CloudMagic, the app was shut down in September last year. However, just two months after that, the app and its developer CloudMagic were acquired by Andy Rubin’s Essential. And now, Newton is back again!

The news was announced via a post on Newton’s official blog. The ‘new’ Newton app comes with a handful of new features. These include the ability to delete a single mail from a thread, and support for a ‘Mark unread from here’ feature. Mac users can also resize the mail composition window, and add mails to external apps like OmniFocus, Things, 2doapp, and Bear. The Mac compose window also comes with improvements, such as copy-paste retaining basic formatting, and shortcuts for making numbered and bulleted lists. Lastly, the app now allows GIFs from Giphy inline in emails. Users just have to copy the Giphy URL from the browser and paste it in the app. GIFs can be inserted directly via the Giphy keyboard on the iOS version of the app.

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The ‘new’ Newton mail app is already available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. As before, it continues to remain a paid service. Interested users can utilize the 14-day free trial to test all the functionality that the app offers, after which they’ll have to pay $49.99 per year to continue using the app.

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