Next-gen Apple Watch may come with Touch ID support

Apple is working towards introducing Touch ID feature in the Apple Watch, according to a patent application filed last year by the iPhone maker and recently published by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

New patent detailed

“Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published yet another patent application from Apple that covers moving the internal watch antennas to the watch band. This will possibly add Touch ID to the display,” according to Patently Apple.

Titled “Antenna Assemblies For Watch Bands”, the patent application discusses technology that would allow antennas to be embedded inside a watch band. Also, to maintain the comfort of the wearer, the antenna would be able to bend, stretch and flex. The patent figures below show an Apple Watch with a band that includes stretchable communication antennas with the important aspects pointed out, the report added.

Apple Watch Series 3 price cut

After the launch of  Series 5, the older Apple Watch Series 3 got a price cut. The Series 3 GPS (38mm) comes with a starting price of Rs 20,900 in India. The GPS + Cellular edition (38mm) now starts from Rs 29,900. 

Apple Watch Series 5 pricing

Prices for the new Series 5 watch starts from Rs 40,900 in India. This is the price for the GPS-only variant of the wearable. Prices go up to Rs 49,900 for the GPS + Cellular variant.

The new Watch 5 flaunts what Apple calls an LTPO (Low Temperature Polysilicone and Oxide) Retina Display. This can essentially vary the display’s refresh rate, so that if there’s no need to update the screen, it doesn’t, thus saving power. It’ll still dim the screen when your wrist isn’t raised, but now it’s possible to check the time without people noticing.

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