Next MacBook Air will be lighter and will come with MagSafe charging: Report

Reports have surfaced online that the next MacBook Air scheduled to be launched later this year will sport a thinner design and will be lighter than its previous iteration.

For the sake of comparison, the current MacBook Air based on the M1 chipset weighs 1.29 kilos with 0.63-inch width. We do not have the exact specs but Bloomberg reports that the next MacBook Air will be lighter.

MacBook Air 2021 rumored specs

The report says that the MacBook will lose weight as the company is looking to reduce the bezels around the screen. However, the new models will retain the 13-inch size and real estate.

Another interesting claim reported in the Bloomberg report is that Apple will launch the new laptop series with Apple’s MagSafe magnetic charging system. This tech was replaced by the USB Type-C charging port back in 2016. Apple also introduced this charging system in the recently launched Apple iPhone 12 series.

In terms of charging, the report also says that the new Air will also be powered by Apple’s M1 chipset and will add USB 4.0 ports. The USB 4.0 specification was published in 2019 and will be added to multiple devices to be launched in 2021.

Apple could also add an additional SD card slot for the new MacBook Air series. This would be welcomed by those who work a lot with media content and in the photography sector. The SD card slot was available on the MacBook Pro models till 2016.

MacBook Air 2021 expected price

The Bloomberg report also hints that the upcoming Air will be priced higher than the current retail price. It is also said that the recently launched MacBook Air will then become the entry model for the lineup.

What more to expect?

Apple might also add Face ID and cellular connectivity to the upcoming 2021 models. The report adds that Apple is thinking of adding cellular connectivity to its laptop series so that they can connect to the internet without Wi-Fi just like on the iPhones.

Apple might also expand the screen size of the MacBook Air to 15-inches.

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