Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is one of the most popular video game streamers in the world. He used to stream his gameplay on Twitch and has now moved to the new Microsoft’s Mixer platform. His streaming profile on Twitch had the largest number of followers. And in a recent event, he has alleged that Twitch has showcased pornographic content on his deactivated profile. He tweeted his displeasure at this and even said that he is disgusted by all this. He apologized to his viewers, and said that he is sorry if any children happened upon that which was shown on his profile.

Ninja recently announced his decision to move to Mixer from Twitch where he had been streaming for the last eight years. Twitch started using his channel to promote other channels from the community. It was one of these channels that was pornographic in nature. And it was showcased on his profile despite it being out of action. Ninja had 14.5 million Twitch followers which is a huge number. His Twitch channel can be viewed and it shows the previous Fortnite streams from him.

Ninja thinks that this would not have been an issue at all if they didn’t use his channel for promoting others in the first place. Ninja followed up his tweet with another one where he mentions that Twitch has now removed the objectionable content from the website.

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear responded, on Twitter, on saying that Twitch was, “experimenting with showing recommended content across Twitch, including on streamer’s pages that are offline.” He apologized to Ninja for the indiscretion as well.

Ninja’s move to Mixer is considered a huge deal considering that he was on Twitch for such a long time. This can even be seen as a win for Microsoft over its rival Amazon owned Twitch.

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