Nintendo Switch OLED model is not the Switch Pro, but you get better display, added storage

Nintendo Switch OLED model, an upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch console has finally been announced. As the name suggests, the new Nintendo Switch model features an OLED display, although Nintendo hasn’t made any significant change to the internal hardware.

Nintendo Switch OLED model price, availability

Nintendo Switch OLED model is priced at $350 (around Rs 26,100) and will be available in the US starting October 8. We are yet to know if the new Nintendo Switch will make it to the Indian market.

Nintendo Switch OLED features

Nintendo has made a few tweaks on the display, storage, and design front. Instead of a 6.2-inch LCD display (as in the previous iteration), the new Nintendo Switch model features a large 7-inch OLED panel. However, the resolution still sits at 1280 x 720 pixels. The video game developer has double the internal storage as well, with the new Nintendo console now offering 64GB storage onboard. Aside from these, the shell on the new Nintendo Switch OLED console is slightly wider. The slim bezels offer a wide viewing but unfortunately, the new console doesn’t have 4K support.

However, Nintendo has enhanced the audio on the upgraded Switch model and added an Ethernet port to the dock. Moreover, the OLED model gets a revamped large kickstand at the back which is adjustable. The dock is sold separately and is expected to be compatible with the standard variant.

As for the internals, as we mentioned, Nintendo hasn’t made any changes to the new OLED model. It still has the same Nvidia Tegra X1 SoC that lies on the base version. Android Authority points out that the Switch OLED model is designed keeping in mind about the mobile gamers as they will be able to play games by taking the Switch off the dock and use it in handheld mode. The new Nintendo Switch OLED model will be available in the standard Neon Red/Neon Blue set, alongside an exclusive White set. It will be sold along with the Standard Switch and Switch Lite.

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