Finland’s data protection unit is initiating investigation on whether Nokia-branded smartphones are actually sending data to Chinese servers or not. According to Norwegian public broadcaster NRK report (via Reuters) on Thursday, there are evidence of some Nokia phones, particularly Nokia 7 Plus units, sending user data to servers of state-owned company China Telecom.

NRK in its report mentioned that a Nokia 7 Plus user alerted them because of regular data issue on his device. He found that his phone is being often contacted by a particular server, and it has also sent data packages in an unencrypted format.

“Based on our initial analysis it appears that personal data has also been transferred (to China),” Reijo Aarnio, Finland’s data protection ombudsman, told the news agency STT.

As per NRK, HMD Global has acknowledged that there had been a software glitch with one batch of handsets and it has been fixed. It noted that HMD had “admitted that an unspecified number of Nokia 7 Plus phones had sent data to the Chinese server.”

NRK report claims that Nokia smartphone sent user’s geographical position, SIM card numbers and the phone’s serial number to Chinese server of China Telecom, although HMD Global has denied that personal information was sent to any third party.

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“We can confirm that no personally identifiable information has been shared with any third party,” HMD Global said in an email to Reuters. “Such data was never processed and no person could have been identified based on this data.”

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