A new video of a Nokia feature phone has surfaced online with Android 8.1 Oreo. The interesting part about this is that the device is similar to current feature phones with a full keypad. Taking a closer look, it seems like this was the result of Google trying to make Android OS, feature phone-friendly. This is not the first instance where we have seen hints of a feature phone-friendly Android OS. As previously noted, we saw screenshots of a touch-less version of Google Chrome earlier this year.

Nokia feature phone details

According to a report by Android Police, the video showcasing the Nokia feature phone with Android surfaced on Vimeo. The minute-long video reveals almost everything that one may want to know regarding the UI of touch-less Android. A user with @rider95 initially posted the video on Steemit. It is interesting to note that the feature phone also came with a touch-less version of the popular game “Snake”. The video also showcased the home screen, home-screen widgets, app drawer, multiple apps, and “Settings” app. The video also showcased the user trying to open Google maps. However, the map did not open properly and crashed immediately.

The video also showcased a number of first-party Google and Android apps include Chrome, YouTube, Camera, call-log, Calculator, and Calendar. Other apps include Gallery, Clock, Music, Phone, Contacts, Share Files, Sound, Phone tips, and Settings. The operator of the smartphone used “D-Pad” to control the navigation on the screen. It also revealed the possible code name or simple name of the device as “Iron GAFP”.

This information comes weeks after it was rumored that Google has stopped working on the touch-less version of Chrome. All the things worked relatively flawlessly with the exception of one crash in the Google Maps app. In contrast, this looks a lot better than what we currently see in the KaiOS-powered feature phone. The report also stated that Google may reveal more about such a version of Android at the upcoming Google Pixel launch event.

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