PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become a rage in the country, and even more so since the launch of the mobile version of the game in March this year. It is an extremely popular game that is being played by people of all ages and is especially popular among young males. But it seems like the Vellore Institute of Technology, in Tamil Nadu will have none of it, especially when it comes to the its Men’s Hostel.

The Chief Warden of Men’s Hostel has now released a circular which clearly states that playing online games including PUBG will not be tolerated anymore in the Hostel. The allegation is that this is apparently disturbing the students who do not participate in this and is “spoiling the entire atmosphere of the hostel”. The circular even states that students should focus more on physical activities and sports and “give more importance to their career growth”.

An image of the circular was shared on Reddit and this is what it said:

“It has come to our notice that few students are playing online games like ‘PUBG’ which is NOT PERMITTED. Despite our repeated instructions by playing online games inside the rooms which disturbs fellow roommates and spoiling entire atmosphere of the hostel. It is strictly warned that playing online games and betting for such games are totally prohibited in VIT. Hence, the defaulters will be dealt seriously under VIT CODE OF CONDUCT. Students are asked to concentrate on physical games or sports and give more importance to their career growth.”

There has since been a lot of reaction about this circular most of which point out that college students are adults and their independence of choosing how they spend their time cannot be infringed upon.

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