Ola S1 vs Bounce Infinity E1: Which electric scooter should you prefer?

There’s a lot of flux in the two-wheeler segment, especially the scooter segment. The introduction of electric powertrains has somehow intrigued the Indian buyer and now they are not shying away from going green with the added advantage of cost effectiveness and enhanced feature list. Ola Electric and Bounce are two brands that recently revealed their offerings to the Indian market. Ola Electric launched the Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro whereas the Bounce Infinity E1 is the first product of the company that will most likely compete with the Ola S1.

Let’s start with the biggest distinction between the two scooters

Charging Technology

One of the primary deciding factor for an electric scooter buyer is the charging tech that it uses. Ola S1 and Bounce Infinity E1 have a different way of charging batteries. While Ola gets its juice from a charging port which can be at home or a public power station, Bounce Infinity uses battery swapping tech as well as charging. The user can pull out the battery and exchange it for a fully charged unit from a swapping station.

Driving Range and Top Speed

The driving range on the Ola S1 is claimed to be around 121 km and the Bounce Infinity E1 provides a range of just 85 km. The top speed on the S1 is around 90 kmph whereas the top speed of Bounce is limited to 65 kmph. In terms of raw specs, Ola’s scooter definitely overtakes Infinity. However, this takes us to the next leg of this comparison.


The price of the Ola S1 starts at Rs 99,999. However, it can be purchased at a much cheaper price tag with some states offering subsidies. The Infinity E1 has been priced at Rs 68,999 for the scooter with the battery. The buyer also has the option to buy the scooter without a battery at Rs 36,000 and then subscribe to a battery service on a monthly basis. This makes the pricing quite attractive.


In terms of features, both scooters are for the tech savvy with app integration and alerts to keep you aware of the scooter’s status. However, Ola has some extra tricks up its sleeve with a better display that supports many more functions. The scooter also has cruise control function along with support for maps and digital key function.

Both scooters have their own pros and cons, buyers can finalize their choice on the basis of their budget for their scooter and preference of charging technology.

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