Omicron threat: Demand for oximeters and testing kits witness sudden increase as Covid-19 cases rise

Due to the extreme caution about Omicron, there has been a sudden increase in customer movement in the surgical market. The demand for thermal scanners, masks, pulse oximeters, and thermometers has increased. In the second wave of Corona, all three disappeared from the market. If it was getting anywhere, it was at an arbitrary cost. After the wave stopped, the market recovered, yet the demand continued. Amidst the fear of the third wave of Corona, now their demand has increased again.

Following a sudden spike in the number of infections in the country, e-commerce companies like Flipkart and 1MG have seen a significant increase in the demand for COVID-19 essentials like oximeters and test kits.

While the pace of sales of surgical items slowed down after the second Covid period, the consumption of surgical items has now increased once again. The good thing is that there has been no shortage of thermal scanners and pulse oximeters until now. More than the demand stock is available in different medical stores. At the same time, masks, sanitizers are also present in the market more than necessary.

As per a report by MoneyControl, General Secretary of the All-India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists said that Piramal, which distributes self-testing kits, recorded a sale of 4 lakh kits in just the first nine days of January across the country. He said, “Of course, this is because of the delay in getting testing slots from labs, but we also think people are buying and keeping a few kits to be safe.”

According to experts, the number of such people is more, who are taking medicines themselves from medical stores after checking with self-test kits. Mylab Discovery Solutions, a company that manufactures self-testing kits, also revealed that some states had recorded the highest demand for their test kits. These states include Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. Hasmukh Rawal, MD, and Co-founder of Mylab Discovery Solutions, disclosed that the company witnessed a 500 percent jump in the sale of its self-test kit.

According to 1MG, sales of testing kits increased five times in the first week of January compared to the last week of December. Sales of oximeters increased four-fold during the period under consideration, while sales of thermometers and respiratory masks doubled.

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