OnePlus 7 Pro was launched alongside less fancy OnePlus 7 at a global launch event last week. The smartphone has received critical acclaim for bringing new features like triple rear camera setup, more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform, design similar to Samsung Galaxy S10+ and a 90Hz Quad HD+ display that sets a new benchmark for Android smartphones. However, the launch of this new flagship from OnePlus, has not gone down without issues. Soon after its launch, OnePlus 7 Pro users started complaining about the camera quality and now, it appears some users are also facing “ghost touches” on their smartphone.

The issue results in OnePlus 7 Pro users facing random touch events that take place at the top of the screen without user input. There are multiple reports about the issue and OnePlus Forum is filled with users complaining that it happens when they are within an app or typing on the keyboard. The users complain that the phone ends up tapping something at the very top of the screen. The issue is random and not all the OnePlus 7 Pro users are affected by it. However, those who have faced the issue, claim that it renders the top left or top right of the display unresponsive to touch until they turn the screen On and Off again.

While it is random, the issue seems to affect some devices worse than others. There are even reports citing that CPU-Z is one of the apps to test if your device is suffering from ghost touch issues. The CPU-Z app reportedly triggers ghost touches much more frequently and some believe that it is a software issue and not a hardware problem, which means that OnePlus can fix it with an OxygenOS update for the smartphone. Android Central notes that one of their devices has also suffered from ghost touch issues.

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The ghost touch reportedly lasted for about two minutes in one of the situations and the report claims that it affected every app being used including the home screen. The ghost touch issue makes navigating and typing on the keyboard difficult since the phone thinks that you are tapping on something else. OnePlus has neither acknowledged nor confirmed the issue just yet but it remains unclear whether it is a software or a hardware issue. It could be a software bug affecting a small set of devices that OnePlus might fix in a future update.

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