Smartphone maker OnePlus has just surprised everyone by sharing the official renders on the upcoming OnePlus 7T. OnePlus CEO and Founder Pete Lau shared the renders in a dedicated forum post on the OnePlus forums. The company confirmed that it has never shared the design of the smartphone before the actual event. It is likely that the company is looking for feedback on the design of the upcoming smartphone. Lau also shared some information about how design has gradually taken the center-stage in OnePlus devices. He admitted that design was more of an afterthought in initial devices such as the OnePlus One.

OnePlus 7T renders and design detail

Taking a closer look at the design render, the company confirmed that OnePlus 7T will feature a triple rear camera. They also confirmed that the triple camera setup and LED flash unit will make a raised rear-camera bump. Lau emphasized that good design takes care of the smaller details of the product. According to the forum post, these details include how the device feels when one picks it up. Most of these details are abstract and don’t really come with any standardized measurement.

OnePlus 7T official render Pete Lau 2

Lau recapped the OnePlus smartphone design journey by adding that the company has continuously experimented with the surface material. As per the report, OnePlus has experimented with textured sandstone, polished glass, ceramics, real-wood finishes such as bamboo, and more. It also shared some insight about the work that went behind creating the matte-frosted glass back for the OnePlus 6. The crafting the back took OnePlus about three years of testing, perfecting, and then finalizing the development of the back.

However, the company has further improved the finish to create a “smooth matte surface with a metallic finish”. The upcoming flagship smartphone will feature the fourth generation of the matte-frosted surface. Lau stated that the company has “re-imagined the camera housing” to ensure that it flows with the overall design. The official renders for the device come just hours after OnePlus shared the launch details for the OnePlus 7T series. As previously reported, OnePlus 7T series is set to launch on September 26, 2019, in the Indian market. The company is also expected to launch its OnePlus TV at the same event.

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