A few days ago, an information appeared on Reddit about the OnePlus 8 Pro’s color filter camera capabilities to see through thin layers of plastic. This discovery raised some concerns about privacy, as the camera is also able to “see” through certain types of clothing.

Yesterday, we heard that OnePlus was planning to temporarily disable this filter on its HydrogenOS customization layer in China. Many likely assumed that the disabling of the function would also be carried out on the OxygenOS, the company’s own Custom UI outside of China.

However, OnePlus has just posted a statement on its forum. Explaining that the deactivation of this camera feature will only take place in China. And the reason is none other than to avoid inappropriate user behavior. According to OnePlus, they have detected that the OnePlus 8 Pro’s infrared camera “under particular environmental conditions can have a slight perspective effect on specific materials at a very close distance”. This new sensor ends up putting the new OnePlus model in a bind.

In an official statement from OnePlus on Weibo, the company clarifies that they developed the color filter sensor to capture photographs using infrared light with the intention of obtaining unique textures. However, many users have found a way to make parallel use of this feature. Since, false images have been created that do not match the actual capabilities of the phone. So, to eliminate any risk, OnePlus has decided to disable the function.

How does it work

The infrared photography is an old acquaintance among enthusiasts of this artistic discipline. It is mainly used for the artistic touch to give modification of the color tones in images. The OnePlus 8 Pro‘s infrared camera is essentially no different than these filters for digital cameras. It is not the X-rays vision camera sensor, as some users have come to call it. But, it captures frequencies of light that are present in nature. Simply, what the human eye is not able to distinguish.

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