OnePlus launches a lot more products these days that it used to a few years ago. Just recently, it came up with the OnePlus 8T as the mid-cycle update to the OnePlus 8. In the coming month, it is probably going to launch the Nord N10 budget smartphone as well. The company is refining its launch timelines further and starting next year, we will possibly see the flagship OnePlus 9 earlier by March.

A recent report from Android Central suggests that OnePlus is planning to introduce the OnePlus 9 series earlier in March next year. OnePlus usually launches its annual flagships in May or June. This year, the company announced the OnePlus 8 series earlier in April. For 2021, OnePlus is moving the launch to March, as per industry sources. No reasons are stated for the early launch so far.

OnePlus 9 launching earlier in March

OnePlus isn’t the first company rumored to launch the 2021 flagships earlier next year. A couple of weeks ago, reports came of Samsung planning to announce the Galaxy S21 series as early as January of 2021. Samsung itself announces the S series flagship by March every year. OnePlus’ decision could also be inspired by this decision so as to challenge the S21 soon after it launches.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S21 and OnePlus 9 are expected to leverage the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875, a chip which itself is expected to be announced in December. The Galaxy S21 will be the first phone to use the chip but Xiaomi will follow soon with its Mi series flagship device. OnePlus will possibly use the same chip for the regular model and the pumped-up Pro variant.

The Snapdragon 875 won’t be the only upgrade to the 2021 flagship series. The company is also expected to come up with some upgrades to the rear cameras for the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. The Pro model itself is also expected to come up with a faster 65W fast charging system. OnePlus could also introduce wireless charging on the regular model.

These are just speculations though and we will have to wait for the leaks to come our way. Given the launch is happening a month ago, it could be just a few weeks before we start seeing renders of the OnePlus 9 along with benchmark listings.

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