Chinese smartphone company OnePlus has announced a partnership with Epic Games. This has been designed to create an unprecedented Fortnite mobile user experience for its device owners. OnePlus 8 Series is now the first line of smartphones able to run Fortnite on the Unreal Engine at 90FPS. This is the fastest frame rate ever available for the game on a smartphone.

“OnePlus and Epic Games have created one of the best Fortnite experiences ever on a smartphone. The OnePlus 8 Series delivers a smooth, high framerate Fortnite gameplay experience – that even current generation console game systems can’t match,” said Pete Lau, Founder & CEO, OnePlus. “OnePlus creates the best devices for mobile gaming through our industry leading display, speedy performance, and overall user experience designed with power-users in mind.”

The partnership, was driven by both Epic Games and OnePlus’ desire for an enhanced Fortnite experience on Android. The entire endeavor to bring 90FPS to Fortnite on the OnePlus 8 took months of development. OnePlus users (OnePlus 6 and newer) are now able to download the game via “One-touch” easy installation. This is on the Epic Games App exclusively through the “Game Space” application. OnePlus is bringing Fortnite to its fervent fanbase for easy gameplay across the board.

“Easy installation with ‘One Touch’ really simplifies the process of installing software, and removes friction usually found on other Android devices,” said Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games. “This is a big step forward, and alongside the performance improvements the teams have made regarding FPS, Fortnite on a OnePlus device is going to be an awesome experience.”

Users with OnePlus 7, and 7T series smartphones can play the game at a maximum of 60 FPS. This is the previous highest performance for the mobile game. OnePlus wants to bring the best mobile gaming experiences to its users. And is continuously taking steps to bring major firsts to the category.

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