Smartphone makers have tried to deceive their customers time and again by showing irrelevant or inaccurate advertisements. Lenovo had teased a smartphone with literally no bezels, only to launch a device with huge chin at the bottom. Then there were those who used images from DSLRs to pass as camera samples from their smartphones. Latest entry into that list is OnePlus, the company whose motto is to “Never Settle” in the smartphone world.

An eagle-eyed Twitter user spotted an ad run by OnePlus on Facebook’s Instagram app that is misleading in the most obvious ways possible. The ad for the OnePlus 6T shows a device which looks nothing like the actual device. The marketing team at OnePlus probably was not wise enough to understand that showing a device with even smaller top and bottom bezels would be nothing but a bad idea. The device in question has much thinner bezels than that on the OnePlus 6T and has raised eyebrows among a lot of users.

This isn’t the first time that a tech company has tried to advertise a wrong image in the name of an actual product since internet became a common media. Google was recently spotted chopping the bezels on the Pixel 3 XL in one of its Google Home advertisements. The search giant immediately fixed it and thus showed how it has more privileges than creators on its YouTube platform.

In the past, we have seen netizens spot such mistake and then take to Twitter to expose the mistake. However, it has not always backfired for these tech companies and many would have genuinely believed that OnePlus 6T is a bezel-less phone and would have paid a visit to the company website.

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However, it is important that tech companies refrain from using such improper images to sell real products. These mistakes are equivalent to misinformation and are also as good as lies made to consumers by corporate firms. OnePlus has not said anything about this advertorial just yet but it is something the company should rectify soon.

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