OnePlus caught using an iPhone for OnePlus 9 announcement tweets

OnePlus recently launched the OnePlus 9 series in India, as well as, in the global markets. The phones are banking high on the cameras, the Chinese company has been promoting it quite a lot via its social media platforms. However, one of the tweets for the same has caught a lot of attention for it was done via an iPhone.

This puts OnePlus in an embarrassing yet funny position. Read on to know more about the whole incident.

OnePlus 9 promotions via an iPhone

OnePlus has been raving about its cameras and has even compared the OnePlus 9 series’ performance with that of an iPhone. Prior to the sale of these smartphones in India, OnePlus’ Twitter handle has posted tons of tweets to keep the phones’ buzz at an all-time high.

However, instead of getting attracted to the promotional tweet, Twitterati had their eyes on the ‘Twitter for iPhone’ tag.  The tweet read “Describe the #OnePlus9Series using a movie name. Go!” It, however, has now been deleted.

While this could be a genuine mistake on part of the company’s social media team, it simply gave netizens a chance to make fun of OnePlus and makes them wonder, “Why should they buy an OnePlus when the company itself likes Apple?”

This made way for many trolls on Twitter. Here are some of the funny tweets to look at:

This further makes the situation funnier when OnePlus has always considered Apple a tough competition and has claimed the OnePlus phones to be superior to the iPhones. It has even taken jibes at the Cupertino tech major in the past.

As a reminder, this is not the first Android smartphone maker that has used an iPhone for its promotions. In the past, Huawei and even Samsung have “mistakenly” used an iPhone to tweet about products as a promotion.

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