OnePlus’ mobile operating system OxygenOS marks 1500th day on September 13, 2019. The Chinese company is celebrating the occasion with a global social initiative. It has partnered with WWF India and their ‘Adopt a Tree’ campaign for planting trees in a unique way.

On September 14, OnePlus will count the number of tweets with #OxygenOS, and will plan to plant a tree with the help of World Wide Fund for Nature for each tweet. This would only be applicable for one day only, and for standalone tweets with the hashtag. The retweets won’t get counted.

In case you are not aware, the international WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) network operates in over 100 countries globally. The organization has been working on nature conservation and the reduction of human impact on the environment for the past 50 years.

“Now, after 5 years of receiving constant contributions and feedback, we want to give back in bigger way. This time we want to take this collaborative effort to the next level. We’re embarking on a mission to do our bit towards conserving nature and to make a contribution to the environment with the help of OnePlus community, just like we did with tech,” noted OnePlus on its blog.

OnePlus takes pride for its OxygenOS being a clean and elegant with nifty features. As per the company, the OxygenOS was named because oxygen, apart from having a clean and pure association, is that element we can’t do without and constantly need to survive. The mobile operating system built on Android, has been appreciated worldwide for its speed and almost stock Android experience. The company notes that it has been “an amazing journey” for them for the OxygenOS and its OnePlus community behind it.

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