It seems that OnePlus might be considering a compact flagship smartphone for future. OnePlus CEO believes that there is still “a lot of demand” for smaller phones, even though the industry trend is towards big edge-to-edge display screens.

In an interview with PCMag last week at Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau reportedly stated that he’d love to see a smaller, high-quality phones. But the problem they in general face is older battery technology, which is a big barrier and hasn’t changed too much over all these years. As per Lau, “If we can solve the battery problem, we would definitely make a smaller one.”

“I see a lot of demand for this kind of size. But looking at the industry, the technology of batteries hasn’t changed too much over all these years,” he added

After the OnePlus X in 2015, Lau himself said that they will not launch another mid-range smartphone because the company wants to keep its focus right for flagship devices. OnePlus has had a good success in India especially in 2018. Even in the US, OnePlus’ first partnership with telecom carrier T-Mobile for OnePlus 6T has been a huge hit, as per report.

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Pete Lau told PCMag that US sales of the OnePlus 6T in its first 30 days were up 249 percent over the OnePlus 6. “The team now are all really happy,” Lau said. Even for the OnePlus 6, the Chinese company sold more than one million units globally in its first 22 days, which itself was a big milestone since inception.

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