OnePlus Launcher is finally getting a major update that fixes one of the critical issues with it. OnePlus Launcher comes pre-installed on all OnePlus smartphones. The launcher, unlike others, has clean user interface and has only bare minimum features. OnePlus aims to not confuse its customers by loading a number of features. While it might be minimal, it also has a feature allowing users to hide applications. Called Hidden Space, the feature can be used by OnePlus users to hide apps from their main app drawer.

OnePlus Launcher’s Hidden Space gets new security feature

The hidden apps can then be accessed by swiping to the right when viewing all your installed applications. While it sounds useful, it lacked another feature rendering almost unusable. The Hidden Space did not come with any to protect it or secure it. If someone knows how to access it on a OnePlus smartphone then they can get into your hidden space with ease. With the new update, OnePlus is finally putting an end to that lack of security. OnePlus has added the ability to set a password for your hidden space.

The update makes the “Hidden Space” in OnePlus Launcher more secure than before. This means you can start hiding your social media and banking applications without fearing someone might access them. OnePlus accidentally revealed plans to add password access to hidden space about a month ago. The OxygenOS 9.0.6 for the OnePlus 6 and OxygenOS 9.0.14 for the OnePlus 6T mentioned a password confirmation UI in the changelog.

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We updated OnePlus Launcher on OnePlus 7 Pro and could access the option to add password to hidden space. However, it does not seem like every OnePlus user is seeing the feature just yet. A listing for the launcher on Google Play Store confirms the feature is being rolled out to OnePlus smartphones. If you don’t see the update then you can either grab the latest APK or wait for the update to be pushed out to your device.

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