OnePlus Nord 2 Indian variant explodes once again, company releases official statement

OnePlus Nord 2 was launched back July, since then the device has faced its own set of issues, due to which it has been in the news a lot lately. Now, a Twitter user named Gaurav Gulati has claimed that his new OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone caught fire and then exploded. During this time the device was resting idle and was not in use.

According to the report by MySmartPrice, Gulati told them that he was carrying the Nord 2 in his black lawyer’s robe, when he felt that the phone was heating up. After some time he threw his coat as he saw smoke come out of the device, which later caught on fire and exploded in an air-conditioned court chamber.

The report further states that OnePlus has reached out to Gulati to submit the device for testing. However, he has denied the request and has stated that he will “take the legal route and submit the device to the police by filing an official complaint against OnePlus India.”

Gulati in his conversation with MySmartPrice has claimed to have suffered injuries around the stomach area. He further added that OnePlus has been quite insensitive to the injuries and trauma suffered by him. However, no proof for the injuries has been shared.

What is the worth of life of a person if he died by leaving his survivors. It is worthless. We have already decided to file damages against the company in the court of law. If they are ready to compensate, they can make a written agreement in the public domain or we will pursue as per law and ask them to discontinue the device OnePlus Nord 2 5G with immediate effect,” Gulati told MySmartPrice.

What does OnePlus have to say?

OnePlus India in an official statement has said, “Last evening, an individual notified us about an alleged blast case for the OnePlus Nord 2 on Twitter, and our team immediately reached out to this individual to verify the legitimacy of the claim. We take every claim such as this very seriously out of concern for user safety. However, despite multiple attempts to analyse the device, including a visit to the premises earlier today to examine it in the individual’s presence, he has so far denied us the opportunity to perform a proper diagnosis. Under such circumstances, it is impossible for us to verify the legitimacy of this claim or address this individual’s demands for compensation.”

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