OnePlus has made a name for itself with regard to timely software updates over the years. If you buy a OnePlus device today, you are assured of three major OS upgrades and an extra year of security patches. That said, OnePlus created an Android Enterprise Recommended page for the 2020 model, and very soon, there was confusion on whether the company went down to quarterly updates instead of bi-monthly security patches. OnePlus has now clarified it officially.

In a recent post on the OnePlus Community, a OnePlus staff member confirms and reassures that all the 2020 OnePlus devices will be eligible for bi-monthly security patches. Despite the listing on the Android Enterprise Recommended page (AER) that OnePlus created earlier, the company confirms that regular consumer devices will get bi-monthly updates as promised by OnePlus.

OnePlus reassures bi-monthly security patches

Earlier this year, the OnePlus 8 series and OnePlus Nord were made eligible for the Android Enterprise Recommended program. Hence, OnePlus is now required to confirm quarterly updates at the least to these devices. The listing eventually created confusion among OnePlus community users and led many to believe that OnePlus has moved to quarterly updates for all commercial devices.

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OnePlus has now made it clear that the quarterly updates pertain to the enterprise devices and commercial devices won’t be affected by it. Hence, if you already have a OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro, and OnePlus Nord, you are bound to get bi-monthly security patches for these devices. The OnePlus 8 series will be supported until April 2023 whereas the OnePlus Nord will be supported until July 2023.

Back in September, OnePlus already delivered the Oxygen OS 11 update based Android 11 to the OnePlus 8 series and launched the OnePlus 8T with it. The Nord, however, is still stuck on the older Android 10 and OnePlus hasn’t clarified as to when this device will get the update.

OnePlus usually delivers three years of Android OS upgrades to its devices and extends an extra year of security patches. Samsung recently followed suit and promised three years of OS upgrades to its recent S, Note, Z, and some of the A series devices. Google is the third name that delivers timely updates for its Pixel devices.

However, it is Apple that remains unbeatable in terms of software support. Every iPhone model usually is eligible to get five years of software support, including OS upgrades. The iPhone 6S from 2015 got the iOS 14 update this year along with the iPhone 11 series.

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