Before social media became a thing, billboards used to be where brands mugged each other with cheeky campaigns. In the digital age, it is the social media that hosts such banter. Apple is the favorite in the world of smartphones, with all the big names taking a dig at it every now and then. The latest attempt comes from everyone’s favorite OnePlus who took to Twitter take a dig at Apple’s iPhones.

OnePlus in one of its latest posts has taken a massive dig at Apple (call it a roast of some sort). Although the post is meant to a subtle blow at the new iPhones, it still comes across as cheeky. To add to it, subsequent replies to the post from OnePlus fans also showcased that the OnePlus social media team can’t stop itself from poking fun at Apple for some of their decisions. Sadly, the team did not respond when Xiaomi India’s social media page replied in a post that takes a dig at OnePlus itself.

Go grab some popcorn! It’s gossip time

In a recent tweet, OnePlus punches a blow directly at Apple, stating, “In a world of Apples, stand out with a OnePlus. #OnePlus8T5G”. As if this wasn’t clear enough in itself, OnePlus shared an image of the OnePlus 8T being surrounded by, well… actual Apples. What does it mean exactly? OnePlus wants you to figure it out. What we assume is OnePlus meaning to say that the design of the OnePlus 8T stands out from the same iPhone design that’s been around for a few years.


Screenshots from OnePlus India

As cheerful fans join in with subsequent comments, OnePlus doesn’t ease off with its comments. One follower writes, “12 minutes of silence for Apple”, to which OnePlus replies, “They’ll use that time to buy a charger. :)”. More of such “Never settle for anything but the best” spirited replies followed from OnePlus to several comments.

Sadly, the sarcasm stopped once existing customers asked about the Android update situation on last year’s models. This is the only one we could find from OnePlus, “The exact time-frame for the availability of the update is a subject of speculation and suspense to us as well. Once the update is available, you will receive a system notification for the same. We suggest you stay tuned to our website and community forum for further updates.”

Xiaomi joins in

Just when you are about to go back to the home feed, there comes Xiaomi India’s reply to OnePlus. “But why settle for less when you can have more. New year. 108MP resolution. #Mi10TPro #SettleForBetter”. And make whatever you may of the accompanying image showing the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro next to a small statue of a tortoise.


It has been some hours and OnePlus is yet to reply. Given that everything happens at warp speed on social media, has OnePlus settled for Xiaomi’s advice? Well, our popcorn bucket still isn’t empty and we would like to see some sarcastic exchanges between these two. After all, one of the hottest rivalries this year in the smartphone business involved Xiaomi taking on the OnePlus 8T with its Mi 10T Pro and Mi 10 flagship phones. Moreover, who doesn’t like some old-school trash talk, right?

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