Apple does and the hoard of Android-based manufacturers follow. With the AirTag leading the way for Apple’s first object trackers, it was only a matter of time before someone else did it. Based on recent leaks, it now seems that OnePlus is working on an object tracker of its own, expected to be called the OnePlus Tag. The name has already been registered and that could mean a possible launch next year.

The name was found in trademark filings along with a couple of other OnePlus products that we know about. The filing does not reveal anything about the specs or the design, or even the purpose of the product. That said, the Tag could only represent a wireless tracker similar to the AirTag. The leak comes courtesy of a report from DroidMaze spotting the filing from Beijing Intangible Technology Co, Ltd, the parent of OnePlus.

OnePlus Tag expected to come soon

Although nothing is known about the OnePlus Tag, it won’t be surprising to see anything different to the AirTag or Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag. The tracker could use NFC and Bluetooth for tracking along with a UWB chip, which is yet to be found on any OnePlus devices.

Apple AirTag

Representative Image: Apple

Of course, that means the OnePlus Tag would require a “Find My” kind of network to help locate a tag on the map. That means OnePlus could bring a new locate app to future versions of OxygenOS to help with the tracking part.

What remains to be seen is whether OnePlus goes the Apple way or the Samsung way. The AirTag tracker comes with replaceable batteries – the same one that power wristwatches. Samsung, on the other hand, doesn’t allow replaceable batteries and hence, makes them disposable. For OnePlus, it would make more business sense to go the Samsung way.

That said, OnePlus doing a tracker isn’t surprising as the company has copied its rivals many times in the past. It came into the smart TV space to take on Samsung’s dominance in the market. This year, it launched the OnePlus Watch to take on the Apple Watch with a much lower price. Additionally, OnePlus is also coming up with OnePlus Pay to take on the likes of Google Pay and PayTm.

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