OnePlus is making certain bold decisions since 2020 and those have seen polarising opinion from critics and fans. OxygenOS 11 marked a drastic change in the design philosophy and now, there’s a high possibility that OnePlus phones will get a theme store this year. Based on reports, it seems that OnePlus is willing to bring a Theme store with OxygenOS 12 update.

The information comes from OnePlus inviting certain users and community members to take a decision on it. If all votes go in favour of the theme store, OnePlus will aim to bring it with the OxygenOS 12 update. OxygenOS 12 is expected to be based on Android 12’s final release this year.

OnePlus Theme Store in plans for this year

A teaser was shared on the OnePlus Forum, depicting several lockscreen designs from the current OxygenOS 11. It seems that OnePlus would like to bring a theme store that’s more akin to what you find on Oppo’s ColorOS software. All of OnePlus’ BBK cousins have long included a theme store for their users.

OnePlus 9R

What remains to be seen is whether OnePlus ports the theme store from ColorOS, or tries to do something original here. This year, Google is also said to be working on a theme store for its Pixel devices, wherein it can let users try out different themes. Our bets are on Google going for Motorola’s My UX route, where it will offer some extra fonts and icon shapes, or let users make one of their own.

OnePlus, meanwhile, has a greater chance of adapting Oppo’s theme store for OxygenOS. A few months ago, OnePlus launched the OnePlus 9 series in China running on Oppo’s ColorOS 11 and gave OnePlus 8 Pro users the option of moving to ColorOS. OnePlus and Oppo have joined their R&D efforts.

OnePlus already has a couple of first-party services clubbed with OxygenOS 11. The OnePlus Roaming feature allows users to buy international data packs while on a foreign trip. The OnePlus Cloud service lets users store their photos and other data on its online storage, which is synchronized with other OnePlus devices. India is also said to get OnePlus Pay, which is likely to be OnePlus’ version of a UPI-based payment service.

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