OnePlus has just revealed the winner for its recently announced Program Manager Challenge along with the new feature that the company will add to its in-house Android-based OxygenOS. This comes weeks after the company first announced its Program Manager Challenge inviting its users to conceptualize a new feature in the operating system that would add to and improve the overall OxygenOS experience.

According to the competition results, the company revealed that it is tweaking the interface of the system slightly to integrate a new feature. In its blog post revealing the winning entry, OnePlus stated that there were about thousand total entries out of which “almost 200” qualified as valid submissions.

The OxygenOS team carefully reviewed the valid entries and noted that a number of entries contained features that the team was already working on. Talking about the winning entry, the company noted that it “was a true stand out” following the philosophy of OnePlus to make small changes to Stock Android interface that are meaningful and offer “great user experience”. According to the post, the winner of the competition is the forum user by the name of “Its.Leandroo” that made changes to the entire operating system.

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Taking a look at the 47 design screens that the user posted on a dedicated website, he seems to have segregated the screen in about five portions where the top-most portion functions as an additional feature area depending on the screen and app. For instance, the top-most portion on the app drawer works as a hidden area where users can hide apps without uninstalling them. The same portion works as a cosmetic “Title” bar during the initial Android setup and then seamlessly integrates into the native OnePlus Shelf.

The same area integrates will in a number of apps including the Settings app, Messages, Notes, Gallery, Voice Recorder, OnePlus Switch, and Calculator. The company stated that it will be working in the coming months to make the winning idea “a reality” for the community. This means that the company is likely to rework on the OxygenOS interface.

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